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Introducing Mama Ray's Kitchen Poultry Rub - a true labor of love, inspired by generations of flavor. Crafted with reminiscence, this 4 oz all-purpose seasoning encapsulates the essence of family kitchens and culinary exploration. 


Combining the depth of pink Himalayan salt, the aromatic embrace of minced garlic, the refreshing notes of basil and lemon peel, the timeless touch of thyme, and the inviting allure of cracked pepper, this poultry rub adds a burst of savory and zesty flavors to your dishes.


Unleash the magic of Mama Ray's Kitchen Poultry Rub in your cooking. This blend, born from tradition and enlivened by innovation, promises an unforgettable journey through taste. From your family table to your guests' plates, infuse each dish with a touch of heritage and contemporary flair. Discover the joy of cooking that connects the generations and sets a new standard in your kitchen.


Enjoy our products, free from gluten and soy, and crafted with care to contain no additives or preservatives.


Key Product Features:


  • Basil & Lemon Fusion: Mama Ray's 4oz Poultry Rub - crafted with love, infuses basil, lemon, and more.
  • Flavorful Heritage: Inspired by family, this rub pairs perfectly with poultry, adding zest to dishes.
  • Herb Harmony: Basil, lemon peel, thyme, garlic, and more - a culinary symphony in a bottle.
  • Versatile Use: Elevate your poultry dishes with a sprinkle, creating gourmet masterpieces.
  • Taste Innovation: Poultry Rub competes with our iconic Original Rub

The Poultry Rub

4 Ounces
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